Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Loss

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?
PRP is a regenerative therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood to create an injectable solution containing an enhanced concentration of the patient’s own platelets. In order to concentrate the platelets, the whole blood sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the serum. The prepared PRP solution is then injected back into the patient’s body at the target area increasing the concentration of bioactive proteins that act as a catalyst for accelerating the wound healing process. Growth factors released by the platelets stimulate the migration of stem cells to the injured area which can differentiate into chondrocytes, endothelial cells and other cell types that can help to increase collagen and elastin.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss
As Naturopathic doctors, our first goal is to find the root cause of your hair loss including hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, autoimmune disease and other causes while working to correct the underlying problem. If you suffer from alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia or are experiencing thinning, receding or other texture changes of your hair, you may be a candidate for platelet rich plasma scalp rejuvenation. Thanks to our state of the art mesotherapy injector this treatment is virtually painless, completely natural and does not require the use of topical or local anesthetics. There is virtually no down time after the treatment and patients can wash the scalp approximately 12-24 hours following the procedure. For optimal results, please do not put products in your hair the day of or the day after your treatment.

How is this procedure performed?
A minimal amount of blood is drawn from the patient and processed in office to create the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This solution is then redistributed over the target area as the mesotherapy injector creates tiny punctures in the skin which signal the body to begin the healing cascade. Following hair treatments, the doctor will massage the scalp to help break up facial adhesions while stimulating the flow of blood and lymph to the target area.

How many treatments will I need?
Optimal results occur with a series of 3-6 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart, depending on the target area. 

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of cosmetic PRP treatment? Call to schedule a new patient consultation with one of our doctors to see if you are a candidate. Dr. Leanne Florence, ND is trained in this therapy.